Back pain – Do you need surgery?
Back pain is one of the most common injuries that we see at our office! Most pain medications barely touch the pain- they just take the edge off and knock you out. The good news is that back pain is an injury that can be treated conservatively by a skilled physiotherapist! There are several different sources of back pain with the most common being disc pain due to a disc bulge or herniation. The source of the pain is often simple to diagnose.

Assessment can be completed quickly in one visit and treatment can start the same day. In my experience, more than 75% of patients are fast responders meaning that their symptoms can begin to lessen very quickly after the first visit. The trick to shutting off back pain is to identify the location and angle of the disc injury. Very simple stretching exercises can then be performed to close down on the injured disc thereby rapidly shutting off the pain.

An experienced physiotherapist can identify the source of your back pain and help you get on the road to recovery.

99% + of patients can avoid surgery by participating in physiotherapy. Call today to book an appointment! We can help! An assessment will take about twenty minutes. The physiotherapist will look at movement patterns of your back. In other words, we try to see which movements make your back pain better and those that make your back pain worse. From that, we can usually figure out the best movements to make your back pain go away quickly.

Its really simple if you see a physiotherapist experienced in assessing back pain. It is best if you follow up with your physiotherapist at least twice per week and perhaps three times per week depending on how fast the back pain is changing with treatment. In very short order, you should be back to enjoying all of your normal activities again. Some simple prevention exercises will help to keep you out of trouble. Your physiotherapist can show these to you before your treatment program is complete. Call today to get started
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