Active People Treating Active Patients!

Azalea Physiotherapy (Orthopedic and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic), located in West Vancouver, is a multidisciplinary centre optimizing the physical potential of active people, offering a personal, efficient and innovative re-adaptation experience in a user-friendly and professional environment whose ultimate priority is to have a functional and healthy lifestyle.

Azalea Physiotherapy provides services in:

  • OrthopedicSports Injuries
  • SpinalPosture
  • Medical Acupuncture
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic FieldTherapy,
  • Laser Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Pilates Group Exercise
  • Foot CareOrthotics
  • Post SurgeryRehabilitation
  • Post Hip ArthroplastyRehab
  • Post Knee Arthroplasty Rehab
  • WCB Treatmentfor Work-Related Injuries
  • ICBC Treatmentof Injuries Post MVA
  • Neurologic conditions such as Parkinson’sMS, and StrokeHead injuries.

We also offer:

  • Weight LossPrograms
  • SeniorsProgram
  • Women’s Health.

Azalea Physiotherapy provides advanced, holistic treatments for a healthier, longer life.


Our esteemed physiotherapists provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for numerous ailments, with a focus in Sports Medicine.

We incorporate a hands-on approach to treatment, utilizing manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, education, and a number of modalities to accelerate the rehabilitation of our patients. Using state of the art equipment and the most up-to-date, scientifically proven treatment methods, our highly trained team of professionals are committed to getting you back to an active life.

The values behind our goal-oriented, evidence-based approach:

Cooperating to attain mutual goals to a greater effect.

Reaching our objectives by establishing the best practices in the industry.

Being true and faithful to our convictions.

Getting involved spontaneously, fulfilling our promises.

Supporting our clients and the members of our team in their physical and professional development

Azalea Orthopedic and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic follows a quality program defined by norms and processes in order to maintain the highest standards in service quality, and to define and standardize the various aspects of its working environment across the entire banner.