Providing the highest level of professional care to our patients

Registered Physiotherapists (PT), dedicated to Providing the highest level of professional care to our patients.

AZALEA Physiotherapy is committed to obtaining optimum patient outcomes and satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of professional care to our patients, enabling them to achieve the highest quality of life.

Azalea Physiotherapy is a primary health care service provided by university educated professionals who specialize in assessing, diagnosing, and treating a variety of injuries, disabilities, and movement disorders. Our physiotherapists will help you restore physical function, decrease pain and even elevate sports performance.

A physiotherapy assessment typically includes an evaluation of joint motion, strength, posture, balance, gait and functional movement. Our physiotherapists utilize a variety of techniques such as manual or ‘hands-on’ techniques, customized exercise prescription, medical acupuncture and various electro-therapeutic modalities. Ultimately, it is our physiotherapists’ goal to improve your overall well being and function.

physio 1Sport Physiotherapy

At Azalea Physiotherapy, each member of our West Vancouver sports therapy team has advanced training in Sports and Orthopaedics as well as having years of experience in treating injured athletes, whether their goal is a world cup or a walk in the park.

Whether your injury is acute or chronic, our West Vancouver physiotherapists and sports therapy will get you on the road to recovery and work toward meeting your activity goals as quickly as possible. You can expect a complete and comprehensive assessment, education regarding your injury and activity and a goal oriented treatment program. Our focus will be on getting you back to your chosen sport for both the long and short term. If possible, we will help you continue to run/play/compete while you are injured and, if needed, advise you to withdraw while your body has time to heal.

Manual TherapyManual Therapy

Manual Therapy is skilled hand movements used to assess and treat the joints, muscles and soft tissue throughout the body. Physiotherapists graduate with basic skills in manual therapy and continue to improve their skills through various continuing education options.

One of our expectations at Azalea Physiotherapy West Vancouver is that our physiotherapists will work toward and complete their exams to become Fellows of the Canadian Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapists Association (FCAMPT). To achieve this designation they must have excellent manual skills and a thorough knowledge of assessment and treatment approaches for patients with

One of our expectations at Azalea Physiotherapy West Vancouver is that our physiotherapists will work toward and complete their exams to become Fellows of the Canadian Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapists Association (FCAMPT). To achieve this designation they must have excellent manual skills and a thorough knowledge of assessment and treatment approaches for patients with orthopedic problems.


Involves twisting the neck or back to the end of the range, then giving a sudden thrust. This procedure is often accompanied by a pop or click which is the result of the release of pressure in the joint, similar to cracking one’s knuckles. Sometimes a manipulation may have a lasting effect, but often it is temporary.

Manipulation is particularly difficult to perform if the patient has a severe muscle spasm or is anxious. Under these circumstances, pain or injury may be worsened by this procedure as the patient is unable to control the movement, or to stop it once it’s started, and spasmed or tight muscles may be torn.



Exercise TherapyExercise Therapy

Exercise therapy involves eliciting motion of the body or its parts in order to relieve symptoms and improve function.

Specific stretching, strengthening, and stabilization exercises are a critical part of the rehabilitation process for most musculoskeletal injuries. Continued exercise is an important component of injury prevention.




eld phyPre- & Post-Surgical Care

Prior to surgery, some patients require strengthening or range of motion exercises to enhance their recovery after surgery.

Our therapists are very familiar with post-surgical treatment protocols and can guide you toward optimal recovery.




Core StabilizationCore Stabilization

Core stabilization refers to the deep inner muscles of the back, abdomen, and pelvis that contract just prior to any body movement.

They work to help hold the body in a stable and safe position. Having a strong core will help reduce your pain, increase your strength and power, and improve your function.

Pain, injury, and/or dysfunction can inhibit the body’s natural ability to contract these muscles prior to movement. This can lead to chronic pain and dysfunction in the lower back and pelvis.

Treatment will include assessment; correction of posture and body mechanics; abdominal and low back muscular control; pelvic, lumbar, and thoracic spine individual joint mobility/stability; muscular control in the back, pelvis and legs, stabilization of neck and shoulder girdle; education about your injury, prevention strategies, and core stabilization exercises.

massage therapistMassage Therapy by registered therapist

Registered Massage therapists employ a variety of hands-on techniques to assess and treat the soft tissues and joints of the body. Improved circulation of blood and lymph, decreased pain and inflammation, improved mobility, relaxation and stress reduction are all positive effects of therapeutic massage.


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People Say

Amir H. / Vancouver, BC Stars
Such an amazing personnel I met along my visits in Azalea Physiotherapy clinic! In a professional, cool and familiar atmosphere their job was not just teaching me how to best decrease my pain, how to modify my activities, and how to keep my body as strong as possible! Not only they did fix me, they also taught me to believe how incredibly nice is having a strong liking or love for the others, and that’s their attitude and belief. I truly appreciate their knowledge and the way they care. With special thanks to my physiotherapist, Mary, who never stops smiling. She’s just unbelievable!

Kate Marini / Vancouver, BC Stars
I look forward to my physiotherapy sessions with Mary because she is always encouraging, kind, helpful and never rush through any of the treatments and exercises. Her happy disposition makes her a joy to work with.

Kate Marini / Vancouver, BC Stars
Azalea Physiotherapy is a wonderful place to go to for physiotherapy, as it is bright, modern, sunny, and cheery, and has state of the art equipment. I am delighted with my treatment at Azalea Physiotherapy! Thanks to Mary for the excellent treatment I have and continue to receive!

Ash Cook / Vancouver, BC Stars
Excellent treatment and advice. Professional but friendly and very adaptable. They were always able to work around my busy schedule.

María Desiderio / Vancouver, BCStars
Having suffered a broken ankle while playing golf, physiotherapy was the final chapter in my recovery to get back on the course. Azalea Physiotherapy not only recommended a comprehensive exercise routine but a number of innovative ideas (ask them about the high heeled shoes), that saw me back on the course within four months.”

Penny Luzia / Vancouver, BC Stars
After my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) operation, Azalea Physiotherapy looked after me during the all-important recovery period. At my first session with Azalea Physiotherapy, my knee was fixed in a heavy brace and I relied on crutches to get around. Within a couple of weeks, I had ditched the crutches and removed the brace thanks to Azalea Physiotherapy’s careful and professional treatment. I was delighted at how quickly I recovered and my friends were amazed at how quickly I was back on my feet and walking properly again after a month or so. Even my knee surgeon was impressed with my rapid recovery. Azalea Physiotherapy’s approach is very relaxed yet professional. I highly recommend their practice.

Frieda Reyes / Vancouver, BC Stars
Following a road traffic accident involving my vehicle being hit from behind, I suffered considerable pain around my left shoulder blade region. It affected my work life and general living and activities. Upon coming to the Physiotherapy Clinic and having hands-on treatments, accompanied with ultrasound and shortwave diathermy, my back was soon on the way to recovery. Building up resistance each time and receiving instruction on light exercise helped speed up my recovery. I am now fit as a fiddle, feeling no pain and, most importantly, back to work doing all activities I should be able to do for the daily living. I am truly grateful to Azalea Physiotherapy and their profession, for I was a person with little faith in physiotherapy, they have surely restored that faith and helped to heal my once aching back. Thank you.”

Maroun Salibain / Vancouver, BC Stars
Recently, I suffered a back injury that affected my right leg, making it very difficult to walk, sit and work. After taking painkillers and seeing many doctors–both of which did not help–I started treatments with Mary. Within the first week, my walking improved and now, after just three months, I am off of all medications and feeling 90% better. Mary is a miracle therapist whom I have recommended to all of my family and friends.

Navin Virani / West Vancouver, BC Stars
Looking good is definately than tasting good! Mary taught me how to look good and feel good!. Thank you Mary for helping me look good and with your great program, I have managed to lose weight too and have a great back! Your staff are as incredible as you are. It is a pleasure to visit you every time.

Zohreh Hashemi / West Vancouver, BC.Stars
Azalea physiotherapy provides great service. I find the staff friendly, knowledgable and encouraging in helping me get the best out of my visits. I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for acupuncture and physio services.
Karineh Morvarid Farahmand / Vancouver, BC. Stars 

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