Philippe Hunaut

Philippe obtained a diploma in physiotherapy in Rennes, France in 1985...

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Philippe Hunaut

Originally from Brittany, Philippe obtained a diploma in physiotherapy in Rennes, France in 1985. After gaining experience at the Department of Children’s Orthopedics at the Perharidy Rehabilitation Centre in Roscoff, he decided to study osteopathy at the Maison de la Thérapie Manuelle in Paris. On receiving his diploma in manual therapy in 1989 and in cranio-sacral therapy in 1992, he opened an osteopathy practice in Rennes. In 1994, he began studies at the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques of Montreal and obtained his diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice in 1999. Simultaneously, he broadened his osteopathic education by following a course on Biodynamics with James Jealous and completed a course in animal osteopathy at the IFOREC (Institut de Formation en Ostéopathie et Réadaptation Animale).

In 2000, Philippe moved to Quebec where he further developed his expertise in animal osteopathy and other modalities while continuing to treat his regular clientele. In Canada, he studied somatic approaches such as the Alexander Technique which deals with unconsciously accumulated muscular tensions, postural education, and awareness through movement. He also explored Wholebody Focusing with Kevin McEvenue (Toronto). Wholebody Focusing is a natural process that invites the power of consciousness to awaken the inner wisdom of the living body. After years of practice, he obtained his certification in Alexander Technique and Wholebody Focusing and frequently gives workshops in Quebec, New Brunswick and in France.

He joined a multidisciplinary team of practitioners in Moncton (N.B.) in 2011 where he enjoyed the maritime ambiance of his native Brittany and the conviviality of the Acadiens.

In 2021, Philippe moved to Vancouver. He is looking forward to living in British Columbia and exploring our great outdoors which will include many nautical adventures.

Philippe is an active member of Osteopathy BC and issues an Osteopathy receipt.

People Say

Amir H. / Vancouver, BC Stars
Such an amazing personnel I met along my visits in Azalea Physiotherapy clinic! In a professional, cool and familiar atmosphere their job was not just teaching me how to best decrease my pain, how to modify my activities, and how to keep my body as strong as possible! Not only they did fix me, they also taught me to believe how incredibly nice is having a strong liking or love for the others, and that’s their attitude and belief. I truly appreciate their knowledge and the way they care. With special thanks to my physiotherapist, Mary, who never stops smiling. She’s just unbelievable!

Kate Marini / Vancouver, BC Stars
I look forward to my physiotherapy sessions with Mary because she is always encouraging, kind, helpful and never rush through any of the treatments and exercises. Her happy disposition makes her a joy to work with.

Kate Marini / Vancouver, BC Stars
Azalea Physiotherapy is a wonderful place to go to for physiotherapy, as it is bright, modern, sunny, and cheery, and has state of the art equipment. I am delighted with my treatment at Azalea Physiotherapy! Thanks to Mary for the excellent treatment I have and continue to receive!

Ash Cook / Vancouver, BC Stars
Excellent treatment and advice. Professional but friendly and very adaptable. They were always able to work around my busy schedule.

María Desiderio / Vancouver, BCStars
Having suffered a broken ankle while playing golf, physiotherapy was the final chapter in my recovery to get back on the course. Azalea Physiotherapy not only recommended a comprehensive exercise routine but a number of innovative ideas (ask them about the high heeled shoes), that saw me back on the course within four months.”

Penny Luzia / Vancouver, BC Stars
After my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) operation, Azalea Physiotherapy looked after me during the all-important recovery period. At my first session with Azalea Physiotherapy, my knee was fixed in a heavy brace and I relied on crutches to get around. Within a couple of weeks, I had ditched the crutches and removed the brace thanks to Azalea Physiotherapy’s careful and professional treatment. I was delighted at how quickly I recovered and my friends were amazed at how quickly I was back on my feet and walking properly again after a month or so. Even my knee surgeon was impressed with my rapid recovery. Azalea Physiotherapy’s approach is very relaxed yet professional. I highly recommend their practice.

Frieda Reyes / Vancouver, BC Stars
Following a road traffic accident involving my vehicle being hit from behind, I suffered considerable pain around my left shoulder blade region. It affected my work life and general living and activities. Upon coming to the Physiotherapy Clinic and having hands-on treatments, accompanied with ultrasound and shortwave diathermy, my back was soon on the way to recovery. Building up resistance each time and receiving instruction on light exercise helped speed up my recovery. I am now fit as a fiddle, feeling no pain and, most importantly, back to work doing all activities I should be able to do for the daily living. I am truly grateful to Azalea Physiotherapy and their profession, for I was a person with little faith in physiotherapy, they have surely restored that faith and helped to heal my once aching back. Thank you.”

Maroun Salibain / Vancouver, BC Stars
Recently, I suffered a back injury that affected my right leg, making it very difficult to walk, sit and work. After taking painkillers and seeing many doctors–both of which did not help–I started treatments with Mary. Within the first week, my walking improved and now, after just three months, I am off of all medications and feeling 90% better. Mary is a miracle therapist whom I have recommended to all of my family and friends.

Navin Virani / West Vancouver, BC Stars
Looking good is definately than tasting good! Mary taught me how to look good and feel good!. Thank you Mary for helping me look good and with your great program, I have managed to lose weight too and have a great back! Your staff are as incredible as you are. It is a pleasure to visit you every time.

Zohreh Hashemi / West Vancouver, BC.Stars
Azalea physiotherapy provides great service. I find the staff friendly, knowledgable and encouraging in helping me get the best out of my visits. I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for acupuncture and physio services.
Karineh Morvarid Farahmand / Vancouver, BC. Stars